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using thE ComputEr造句

using the computer 使用计算机 using the computer 使用计算机

Now society developed, those who use a computer is increasing, but there are still a few people who don't know how to use. If we make good use of computer is beneficial for us to good use, if not, will damage our. Suggest using a computer to learn

The use of the computer is very wide and varies from user to user. It can benefit us in terms of entertainment, information and world news. There are a lot of contents in the internet, including movies, music, online stores. However, there can be

Jim will use the computer to play games.

This computer is used,it doesn't deserve the value.

Jim plays games by using the computer.

was used by someone at the monent



翻译?? 认为使用电脑怎么样回答:The use of computer is an art.I think as the modern youth, it is necessary to learn and master to operate the computer, for their own work to provide effective help.


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