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1.My uncl is used to playing the piano in the evening.2.Tom used to go to school by bike.3.Bob used to get up early.4.I used to learn English well.5.Iused to like playing computer games.自己编的

用 be used to do 造五个句子 意思是被用于做:1 Pens are used to write on paper with.2 Money is used to buy a lot of things with.3 The big house is used to store much

1.He used to stand in for the star. 他过去一直在给明星做替身. 2. He used to go shopping every morning. 他以前每天上午都去商店买东西. 3. We used to be good friends,but fell apart about a year ago. 我们过伐促和讵古存汰担咯去曾经是好朋友,但一年前关系破裂了.

1.something used to beautify. 用于美化的一些东西 2.he used to smok 他过去抽烟 3.it used to be 80 meters 4.i used to read the book in the park 5.the pan was used to cook ! 希望这些句子适合你的要求!

1. it's important to study hard. 2. it's good to learn english well. 3. it's healthy to eat more vegetables. 4. it's bad to read in the sun. 5. it's harmful to get up late. 1. the book is good to read. 2. the park is a good place to play. 3. the movie is useful to

There used to be many old houses here. 这儿以前有许多旧房子.He used to be honest. 他以前挺老实的the sky used to be blue 天以前很蓝的the river used to be clean 这河以前很干净we used to be best friends 我们以前是朋友. i used to get up at

I used to get up at 6:30 I used to swim in the pool when I was a child.

used to do 表示过去常常做某事,而现在往往不做了i used to get up early in the morning.be used to doing 表示习惯于做某事i am used to eating rice now.

my mother used to go to work by bus .did your mother use to go to work by bus ?my mother did not use to go to work by bus .i uesd to like playing games.i did not use to like playing games.did you ues to like playing games?i uesd to like playing

i used to take a shower in the morningi used to be a teacher如有疑问,欢迎追问.


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