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there adv.在那里;那里;在那一点上;pron.表示某物或某人的存在或某事的发生(常用作be, seem或appear的主语);int.(表示满足、烦恼)你瞧,好啦,得啦;arevi.(用于第二人称单复数现在时,第一、三人称复数现在时)是;There are

There are (某处)有(某物),物品为复数 例如:There are some apples on the table.桌上有一些苹果.

are there的意思是:有 there 读法 英 [e; ] 美 [r] 1、作副词的意思是:在那里;在那边;在那点上2、作感叹词的意思是:你瞧3、作名词的意思是:那个地方 短语:1、from there 从那里2、here and there 各处,到处3、up there 在那

There be句型有(后面接复数)

1. Thereare中文意思是:有;2. 有字既为“又”的通假字,还可以作为为哲学名词来理解的,词义也很丰富,可表存在,所属,发生等词义.可为动词、形容词、副词等词性.

即 There be 句型这是英语里的一个句型.意思是某处有某物.包括there are 和there is

there are 某地有某物 如 There are many books in the library. There is a picture on the wall.

There are的中文意思是有.there are 英 [ :] 美 [r e(r)] 有; 双语例句1. There are intangible benefits beyond a rise in the share price. 除股价上升之外还有无形利益.2. There are reports of widespread dis-content in the capital. 有报道

there are --就是“有”的意思啊,不是某处有.例如:There are many girls over there. 那里有很多女孩.

there are 英 [ :] 美 [r e(r)] 词典 有 双语例句 1 In these and several other respects, there are many inventions and exaggerations2 More seriously for him, there are members who say he is wrong on this issue.对他来说更严重的是,有成员说他在这个问题上错了.

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