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thErE is的用法

There be ,指存在有即某地有某物,与最靠近它的名词来决定用is(单数/ 不可数名词) 还是are(可数名词复数)如There is a book on the desk.There are some books on the desk.There is some water on the floor.

there is 和 there are, 何处存在何物的意思.用are用is看后面的何物,复数名词用are,单数用is,不可数用is.there is not any bread on the desk? there is no any bread on the desk.要用no, 完全否定.复数用are:Are there 3 bottles of spring water on desk?is there any . -- any 用is

There be 句型是一常见的表示“存在”的句型.该结构不表示“存在”意义的现象又广见于书面语及口语,它以否定There be + sth + 地点状语 There is a flower in the bottle.

there is,最近的主语是第三人称单数there are 最近的主语是复数如There is a book ,two pens and three pencils in the bag .There are two books ,a pen and three pencils in the bag.

There is后面加单数名词或不可数名词 例如:There is a bird in the tree.树上有一只鸟.There is some milk in the bottle.瓶子里有一些牛奶.There are 后面加可数名词复数形式 例如:There are many students on the playground.操场上有许多学生.再比如:There is a bird singing in the tree.There be +doing.的结构

there is和it is的区别: 一、意思及用法:1、其中他们意思就不同,there is指“有”,而it is指“它是”. 2、用法:there is中is可以替换为are,因为他们都是Be动词,都指“有的”意思,但there is用于名词单数,there are用于名词复数;而it is是指“它是”,跟I am(我是)和you are(你是)意义是一样的,用于形容词前.二、举例: there is:There is an apple.或There's an apple.(有一个苹果) it is:It is an apple.或It's an apple.(它是一个苹果)


There be 句型是英语中最为常用的句型之一, 主要用来表示“人或事物的存在”或“某地有某物”.There在此来结构中是引导词,已经没有副词“那里”的含义.be后的名词是句子的主语.其基本用法结构为:There be+名词主语(人或物)+

一、构成:There be 句型表示的是 “某处有(存在)某人或某物”,其结构为There be(is,are,was,were )+名词+地点状语.例如:There are fifty-two students in our class.


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