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shApE oF you歌词

The club isn't the best place to find a lover 这俱乐部不是个能找到安慰的地方 So the bar is where I go 所以我们去往酒吧 Me and my friends at the table doing shots 我和我朋友们在桌前干着杯 Drinking faster and then we talk slow 一饮而尽 再缓缓

shape of you 你的形状 你的形态

shape of you 的中文谐音是「夏普我服油」,你可以念快一些与正确读音对照,绝对正确

歌曲名:Shape Of You 歌手:Beverley Knight 专辑:Shape Of You Because Of You I will not make The same mistakes that you did I will not let myself Cause my heart so much misery I will not break The way you did, you fell so hard I've learned the

歌曲名:The Shape of You 歌手:Jewel 专辑:2010年8月欧美新歌速递2 She's an ugly girl,does it make you want to kill her?She's an ugly girl,do you want to kick in her face?She's an ugly girl,she doesn't pose a threat.She's an ugly girl,does that

“shape of you”谐音是“谁迫哦敷右”shape of you的中文意思是:塑造你.双语例句:1. The point is that it takes the shape of something that you can share with other people in your society. 重要的是,这些都是以能够和社会中的其他人分享的

shape of you 你的样子 中文发音:谢普 哦五 油

歌曲名:Shape Of Your Love歌手:土屋安娜专辑:Nudy Show!土屋アンナ - Shape of your love作词∶ANNA作曲∶Negin、lan-Paolo Lira、Thomas GustafssonA little black cloud has taken the grief from the east.I broke down in my tears.I

shape of you 中文谐音:谁泼 奥夫 油 英式读音:[ep] [v; ()v] [ju:] 美式读音:[ep] [v] [ju] 中文翻译:你的形状

你好!shape of you 塑造你



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