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screaming 哂['skri:m] 胆['skri:m] adj. 錫出議,綜繁妾禝議,哈繁燈弦寄丶議 v. (咀彬祐、墾殿、爾強吉)錫出 ~窟竃錫出蕗( scream議嶬攘峇 );[箭鞘]Screaming my head off when my son scores a goal.輝厘隅徨序阻匯倖白扮寄蕗錫出.




screaming ['skrim] n. 錫出蕗;丱蕗;尅強 v. 錫出;寄丶;柵丱彭念序(scream議ing侘塀) adj. 錫出議;聞繁妾名議;聞繁燈弦寄丶議

梧爆兆:Screaming梧返:Moose廨辞:. . . XyzCaught up in this madness too blind to seeWoke animal feelings in meTook over my sense and I lost controlI'll taste your blood tonightYou know I make you wanna screamYou know I make you wanna

梧爆兆:screaming梧返:IQ廨辞:nomzamoSooner or laterReady or notWe find ourselves dissolved in soilThe big sleep stateI don't worryWhen you got to go you got to goBut wouldn't it be nice to have a sayIn our final dayWhen I take my dying


Kicking and Screaming [簡灸] [窮唹] 怎白析漁; [利大] 決髄屈噴定鯖; 嗽餅嗽出; 賑棒低; [箭鞘]He had to be dragged kicking and screaming into action.麿勣瓜膿性啣廡嘉刃佩強軟栖.

至全OP^screaming ̄佛の今にくえて 梨れられてゆく菊諮にも ありのままの冱匐で出ぶ かけがえない匯つの垳いを 融き原けられた溝鏡の圧も 泙蠅覆絶たい屬 釆のように突らを冩ぎ確ましてく 痞痳う突らの怎圷には 伉るがすシグナルの嚏 祇を孚らす高は液ざされてゆく それでもこの朕に啌る 寄俳なものだけは 畠てを仰けて便りたいよ Shout Out 佛に帑に垓く市け 泳圭までも嬰る壱 採もかもががってゆく 埴の知も 埴の弊順も

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