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一就 相似的还有hardly when , no sooner than 如果scarcely, hardly, no sooner 被放在句首则要用倒装语序 Scarcely had she entered the room when(before) the phone rang. 她一进屋电话就响了. Hardly had he arrived when she started complaining. 他刚一到,她就开始抱怨. No sooner had he arrived than the trouble started. 他刚一到,麻烦就来了.

Scarcely when的中文意思:几乎不在.scarcelywhen”句型中的scarcely位于句首时,倒装在scarcely主句中进行.scarcely所在的主句内,谓语动作发生在when或before从句内的谓语动词之前,因此主句用过去完成时,从句用过去时.不能

(hardly…when…)、(scarcely…when…)、(no sooner…than…)一共要5个 还是每个词组要5个呢?每个写给你造2个 不够的话 告诉我 我可以补She had hardly arrived when it

Hardly/Scarcely..when,“一.就..”主句通常用过去完成,且要半倒装.eg: Hardly had he got out of the court when the reporters raised a lot of questions to him. 他一走出法庭,记者们就向他抛去一大堆问题.(had he got 过去完成对且为半倒装) 希望有帮到你~~~

个人认为不能换成scarcely和hardly 语义稍稍有变 nearly强调的是将将要的状态 而scarcely和hardly强调的是没有完成 不能前置倒装 因为没有否定含义 语气的差别不是很大吧~~

1) no sooner than ,"一就" ,引导时间状语从句,主句用过去完成时,"than"后面的从句用一般过去时.(从这里可以知道,no sooner后面是主句;than后面是从句) 例: I had no sooner reached home than it began to rain. 我一到家


我一离开它就下雨.Scarcely had I left when it began to rain.如果帮到你,请记得采纳,谢谢!

whether的用法:1.(引导名词从句)是否Ask him whether he can come or not.问问他是否能来.I don't know whether you like flowers,sir.先生,我不知道您是否喜欢花. 2.(与or连用,引导状语从句)不管(是)We'll go on with the work,whether we

Hardly had he arrived when she started complaining. 他刚一到,她就开始抱怨.Hardly had the game begun when it started raining. 比赛刚刚开始就下起雨来.Hardly have I get home when the telephone rings. 我一到家电话铃就响了.he could


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