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remind 英 [rmand] 美 [rmand] vt.提醒; 使想起,使记起 网络 提示; 使想起; 保留 第三人称单数: reminds 现在分词: reminding 过去式: reminded 过去分词: reminded

remind的用法(1) remind(vt.) 使(人)想起,使记起 ① remind sb. of sb. sth. 使……想到某人或某物 He reminds me of his father. 看到他使我想起他的父亲.② remind sb. that-clause 使人回忆起…… The sight of the clock reminded me that I was

remind 的用法:1.表示使某人想起某事或提醒某人某事,通常与介词 of 连用.如:We must remind you of your promise.我们必须提醒你答应过的事.有时可连用介词 about.如:If I forget,please remind me about it.我要

remind是一个及物动词,正如楼上所说的 只要后面接了宾语,就不需要管后面部分了另外这个确实是一个固定的搭配如果用remind sb sth 就是remind 接间接宾语和直接宾语 没有这个用法remind 倒是可以这样接:remind +间接宾语+that从句例句:He reminded me that i had to do it again.

只能用于remaind sb. of sth.句型

suggest 可以有 提醒 之意,但一般意思是 提议,建议remind 是 提醒请看例句It was suggested that we stop by Hangzhou on the way to Guilin, as Hangzhou too has one of the best sceneries in the country.I suggest we buy the computer today. It is currently on sale at Walmart.My mom reminded me to bring an umbrella. There is rain in the forecast.

remind sb. to do sth. 或者remind sb. of sth/ doing sth. 这是remind 的固定搭配形式,表示提醒某人做某事,你所提的remind oneself意思是指提醒某人自己,主语这个人提醒他自己干什么

during the day

提醒一般都用remind sb of算固定吧


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