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rElAtED to中文意思

relate to 有关,涉及 Relate to us your adventures.告诉我百们你的冒险故事.度 Some adults can't relate to children.有些成年人不回理解儿童答的想法.related to 与 相关 These two events were related to each other.这两个事件相互有联系.

be related to[英][bi: rletd tu:][美][bi rletd tu] 与有关, 和有联系, 和有亲戚关系; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.That something seems to be related to an enzyme called catalase. 这种物质似乎与一种名叫过氧化氢酶的酶有关.2.It also might be related to the presence water and water ice. 它也可能与曾经出现过的水和水冰有关.

be related to 英[bi: rletd tu:] 美[bi rletd tu] [释义] 与有关, 和有联系, 和有亲戚关系;

relate to和be related to意思不同,区别是:读音不同、含义不同、用法不同.一、读音不同1、relate to 读音:英 [rlet tu] 美 [rlet tu] 2、be related to 读音:英 [bi rletd tu] 美 [bi rletd tu] 二、含义不同1、relate to 释义

be related to与什么相关联

be related to与.有关 be related with 有关联,有关 其实第二个词组应该是没有被动态的,只有relate with.反正be related to是通用的,with那个可以无视掉.

related to过去分词短语,与什么相关,做定语be related to 形容词短语,与什么相关,可以作谓语

1、relate to 涉及,有关 I can't relate what he does to what he says.我不能把他说的和他做的联系起来.2、be related to 中的related 则是一个形容词,意思为to show or make a connection between two different things(把…)联系起来.I have some books (which are) related to this phenomenon.我有一些和这个现象有关的书.希望对你有帮助.

有 1. 有关[网络释义]relate to 1.涉及,与…有关 2.与…相关的 3.有关联 4.叙述 relate .to 1.与 联系,理解

对于“be closely related to”这个短语的翻译主要要把握两部分,一部分是be related to,“与有联系”;另一部分就是closely,“紧密地,密切地”.1、be related to 英[bi: rletdtu:] 美[bi rletd tu] [释义] 与有关, 和..


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