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recall回忆,召回,取消 recall sth回想某事 recall to do sth回想起做某事

recall后面可以加to do 或 doing.recall 英 [rk:l] 美 [rkl] vt.叫回,召回;使想起,回想;取消;调回工厂 n.罢免;召回,唤回;记忆力,回想;收回通告 例句:John recalled attending school with Mary.约翰回想起同玛丽一起上学的情景.I could not recall having heard anyone say that before.我不记得以前曾听到有人说过那个

recall vt. & vi. 回忆起, 回想 vt. 召回, 收回 n. 召回, 唤回 记忆力 I just recall instinctively knowing that this was the life for me. (19KB) 我记得自己当时只是本能地觉得,这就是我要的生活.We can all recall lies our parents told us to get us to do

不是复合宾语,recall doing =remember doing .v-ing 形式做了宾语.

1.All the users that clicked on the button did so with a sense of despair.2.据我所知没有这个短语.只有recall sth回想某事 recall to do sth回想起做某事.3.I was going to play basketball in the next day.4.I will go to surf Internet in next day.5.The airport will take off,if you can't arrive punctually,you wouldn't go to London today.

remind提醒,使想起, remind sb of sth提醒某人某事,remind sb to do sth提醒某人做某事recall回忆,召回,取消 recall sth回想某事 recall to do sth回想起做某事



remember,recite,memorize不用想太复杂了,我觉得它们意思似乎相近,不过使用的 如固定搭配:remember to do sth/remember doing sth 要记得去做某事/记得(自己)


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