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i have many friends.but one of them is the most special in my lifeon the trip back everyone was cheerfully talking about the experience.

i want to be a doctor in the future.if i become a doctor,i will help poor people.i will help many people that need help.i want to have two chlidren,one daughter and one son.i will let them get the best education.because i think it is important for kids to get


buy their way into pleasant experience翻译成中文是:以自己的方式获得愉快的经历

It 是主语,可能是代词.gives 是谓语,you 是间接宾语,a pleasant experience是直接宾语.望你采纳~~



picnic[5piknik]n.野餐vi.(去)野餐picnicpic.nicAHD:[pk“nk] D.J.[6piknik]K.K.[6p!kn!k]n.(名词)A meal eaten outdoors, as on an excursion.郊游野餐,户外用餐:在户外用餐,如郊游时Slang An easy task or a pleasant experience.【俚语

Last Saturday, I attended a student organization of the climbing activity. It was originally a very pleasant one play, but it happened so I am not a happy thing. On that day, we have experienced the "hardships", and finally boarded the Purple

1.This is (such) a (happy/wonderful/pleasant) (experience) that I'll never forget it.2.This film needs too (much)(space),so you'd better (store/save) it (in) your (hard) (drive).3.Last month (during)


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