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1.They cocktailed once every week.他们每星期喝一次鸡尾酒.2.He once lived in Shanghai.他曾经在上海住过.3.I have been there once.我到过那儿一次.4.Once you start a task,you must bear it through.你一旦开始一件任务,就必须把它完成.

once I go to the park at least once a month. 我一个月至少去一次公园.

1I went to europe once.我去过一次欧洲.2I saw a film once.我曾看过一部电影.3I saw a documentary on prison once.我曾经在监狱看过一部纪录片.4To love two women at once?同时爱着两个女人?5You call him once we're done.我们说完之后你打给他.

例子:i go to the library once a mouth .我每月去一次图书馆.

once 曾经一度的意思.例如Once i went into the rive to swim.

I have gone to this park once.

I met you once, briefly.我见过你一次,时间很短.

I visit my sister once a week.我一星期去拜访我姊姊一次.

副词 ad. 1.一次,一回 I see them once every two months. 我每两个月与他们见一次面.名词 n. 1.一次,一回 Once is enough. 一次就够了.


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