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on your own 和on yourselfon yourself是名词性物主代词两者【精】 【锐】

on your own = by yourself 你自己 on yourself 不是词组,没有意思的

depend on yourself取决于你自己双语对照词典结果:depend on yourself依靠自己; .-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

为您解答用什么介词主要跟前面的动词有关.Believe in yourself.相信自己Don't be afraid of yourself.不要害怕自己Think for yourself.(为)自己想Depend on yourself.依靠自己Stay with yourself.和自己待在一起

do not take yourself out of the game沉迷于游戏do not take yourself out of the game沉迷于游戏


believe yourself 的意思是相信自己.believe英 [b'liv] 美 [b'liv] vi. 信任;料想;笃信宗教vt. 相信;认为;信任过去式 believed 过去分词 believed 现在分词 believing 短语believe in 信仰;信任believe it or not 信不信由你make believe v. 假装;

没有原文没法判断翻译得对不对啊.believe in oneself 比较常见,但depend on oneself 就感到怪怪的,xxxself 在英语里有特定的用法,不能因为汉语是"你自己"而直译 yourself.

live on Yourself live on yourself" is what nature says to every man. Parents can help you. Teachers can help you. Others still can help you. But all these people only help you to help yourself. There have been many great men in history. Many of

ON Be YourSelf In every school a “top” crowd sets the pace, while the others follow their lead.Let's say the top crowd decides that it is smart to wear bright red sweaters. Pretty soon everybody is wearing a bright red sweater. There is nothing


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