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not until造句直到才

We did not get off the bus until it stopped.直到车停,我们才下车.I did not realize the importance of teamwork until I became the monitor of our class.直到我做了班长,我才意识到团队合作是多么重要.He didn't go to bed until 10 last night. 昨天晚

I did not go to bed until I finished my homework (我直到完成作业才睡觉.not前加系动词,它表示的动作发生在 until引导的从句前.

I don't finish working until he come here.望采纳~~

1.I won't go to bed until I finish me homework.2.We will not leave until he comes.3.不倒装 he didn't give up smoking until he got a serious disease. 4.倒装 not until he got a serious disease did he give up smoking.5.He did not have lunch until his

Not until the teacher came in did the students stop talking直到老师来学生们才停止讲话Not until next week will the sports meet be held.直到下个星期才才运动会It was not until

1. Not until we pointed out their fault to them did they realize it . 直到我们向他们指出了他们的错误,他们才意识到.2. Not until this note from his best friend, another teacher, informed me of hispassing. 直到他最要好的朋友,另一位老师,来信告之

Lili didn't go to bed until her mother came back.直到妈妈回来,莉莉才睡觉.

I don't go to bed until I finish the homework.

he will be working until 5 o'clock. 他将一直工作到五点钟

才例I didn'.not.:可放句首until 直到;t go to bed until i finished my homework我一直没睡觉直到我做完功课 not until

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