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1.NSS Name Space Support 名字空间支持2.NSS Network Service Sharing 网络服务分享3.NSS Network Surveillance System 网络监视系统4.NSS Network Synchronization Subsystem网络同步子系统5.NSS Non Spread Spectrum 非扩散谱6.NSS

beautiful (打错了吧 是that而不是the

the general appearance of a place= scenery;Something seen by a viewer; a view or prospect/ The place where an action or event occurs = scene;the power or faculty of seeing; perception of objects by use of theeyes; vision/a view; glimpse= sught;view = a belief about subjective matters;

巴山蜀水 四川吧 barren “巴人” 多形象啊

Traveling is a very good way to relax yourself when you have a holiday. After a long time of working, you can release yourself by travelling to another place where you may have never been to before. When you go to countryside, you can see the

和上下文多有关系:exquisite, of rare beauty 最近意 flexible and unpredictable calligraphy strokes 空灵的笔触 a natural and unrestrained scene 空灵的妙境

1. sight则既可以指场景、眼前看到的景观,又可以指名胜、风景,但表示后者的含义时,习惯上要用复数.如:The sight was quite amusing. 这景象使人感到有趣.We saw the sights of Hong Kong by bus. 我们乘公共汽车观看香港的风景.Mary

It is popular in Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Hebei and other places of folk music. It to warm and cheerful melody, paints a vivid picture of hundreds of birds and stridor, majestic and grand natural scenes, showing the nature of praise and love.

If Wind Had ColorsIf wind had colors, the world would be more beautiful and lively. If it matched with the natural scene, it would be the most beautiful picture.If wind had colors, in spring it should be green.Flowers come out in spring. When the green

题目:Taishan Mountain 正文:Taishan Mountain is located in the middle of ShanDong Province and it ranks the first of the five great mountains in China.No matter who acted as the emperor of the past dynasties,he would pay religious homage to



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