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mAkE An AppointmEnt

预约 或者 约会

make an appointment的意思:相约,预约.make an appointment英 [meik n pintmnt] 美 [mek n pntmnt] 相约,预约.make an appointment的用法示例如下:1.Did you make an appointment with a doctor? 你和医生预约

have an appointment 有一个约会/见面make an appointment 订(预约)一次见面

是make an appointment,因为不定冠词an修饰以元音音素开头的单词前,不定冠词a修饰以辅音音素开头的单词前,appointment是以元音音素开头的单词,所以是make an appointment.make an appointment是预约的意思

前一个是后一个的延伸,多了一个with sb,就是多点明了一个“约会”的对象

这两种表达都可以.在不同的场合使用.to make an appointment强调目的,make an appointment强调动作.例句辨析:to make an appointment1、I have to make an appointment to get braces for dorothy's teeth. 我现在还得去牙科医生那儿给多

reservation 是预定旅馆什么的appointment 是约会,见面会谈什么的再看看别人怎么说的.

A: Hello Miss.Smith. I'd like to have an appointment with Mr.Lee tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, can you help me with that?B(Mr.Lee's assistance) : Yes sir, let me check. (To Mr.Lee) Mr.Lee, there is a Mr.Wilson calling for an apointment with you

make an appointment with sb.释义与某人约会-----------------------------希望采纳,你的支持我们的动力!

连读看你想掌握什么高度了.多点看美剧,有英文字幕那种 make+n+appointment n+appo.那个连一起,make 和an读成maken


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