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mAkE A misymEnt造句

mistake 是可数名词单数形式 make a mistake复数形式 make mistakes

make a snowman 英 [meik snmn] 美 [mek e snomn] 词典 堆雪人 网络 雪人; 雪人; 做雪人 数据来源:金山词霸 双语例句百度知道1 It's snowy. Let's make a snowman. 下雪了.让我堆个雪人吧.

make a face 做鬼脸、扮e799bee5baa6e4b893e5b19e31333335333664苦相-> The boy made the baby laugh by making a face at him.那男孩扮鬼脸逗那个婴儿笑.make friends 交朋友、成为朋友-> Can we make friends?我们能成为朋友吗?

i want to make a trip to the united states next week.

make a decision 英[meik ei disin] 美[mek e dsn] [词典] 决定下来,作出决定,下决心; [例句]It's not right to make a decision without investigation and study.没有调查研究就作出决定是不妥的.Please make a decision.

1. Do not make a difficulty or disaster seem much greater than it really is. 2. You can make a difficulty, but court just make a record 3. There are many interference factors in videos, including complicated backgroundenvironment, target posture

make a difference 做贡献, every one should make a difference to our county .每个人都应该为城市做贡献

does his absence make a difference to your work?

make a face 做鬼脸、扮苦相 The boy made the baby laugh by making a face at him. 那男孩扮鬼脸逗那个婴儿笑.



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