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look on As造句

look on/upon as意思为“把……看作、视为”,后面一般接名词,例如: 1.do you look on him as an authority(权威)on the subject. 2.he usually looks upon my idea as a joke. (他常把我的意见视为儿戏) see as接名词或名词短语

i look on him as a have money picture's doctor

A lot of people just looked on while the robbery happened.抢劫案发生时,许多人只是在旁观.There aren't enough books. You'll have to look on with Tom.书不够,你得和汤姆合看.He looked upon his wife as the better half.他把妻子看做是贤内助.My bedroom looks on to the sea.我的卧室面向大海.Look on the bright side!要看事情光明的一面!

look on sb. as…把某人当成….例:I look on him as my brother.我把他当成我的兄弟. I look on him as my good teacher and friend.我把他当成我的良师益友

我举个例子你看看吧,I look on you as a nice boy look on 加被看做的对象 as 后接 被看作什么

look on 一个词组旁观as .当的时候克林顿在阿富汗和巴基斯坦商业大臣签署贸易协议的时候进行了旁观/见证

i like eating many fruits, such as appls, bananas, as well as oranges. Please look after yourself carefully when you live alone in Shanghai. Do not spend any more time on playing computer games.

regard as 把看作祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

除了楼上的,我再补充一点,look on as还隐含着敬仰,尊重之意,regard as 则没有.

Look at me!看着我 look at the blackboard.看黑板


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