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I haven't been learning French for long, so I can only speak a few words. 我学法语的时间还不长, 所以我只能凑合著说几句. Nothing engages his attention for long. 什麽事都无法使他长时间精神集中. He finds it difficult to stay on/stick唬珐杠貉蕲股搁瘫功凯 to the straight and narrow for long. 他觉得长期地坚持走正道很难.

I am never late for school我上学从不迟到

Let ne tell you "long for"means want very much!

My dreams last for so long 我的梦想持续了很久

long known for 久负盛名 例句 The school, long known for its international business focus, is selling its ArizonaCampus to a for-profit education company. 这所以国际管理教育而久负盛名的学校打算将其坐落于亚利桑那州的校园出售给一家营利性的教育公司.

搜一下:How long 造句 回答:For+时间……Since+时间

用Long造句:Long time no see you.好久不见

1.I haven't seen you for a long time.(我很长时间都没看到你了) 2.you hair is very long.(你的头发很长) 望采纳

1. In the short term we will lose money, but in the long term the profits will be very large. 短期内我们会赔钱,但从长远看,利润将会是丰厚的. 2. We must aim for world peace in the long term. 我们要争取持久的世界和平. 3. We hope to make great

long for---渴望


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