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曲名:Let Me Let Go 歌手:Faith Hill 专辑:七年级生 查看打印版 发送给好友 I thought it was over, baby We said our goodbyes But I can't go a day without your face Goin' through my mind In fact, not a single minute Passes without you in it Your

戴爱玲 - 《累格》http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTY5OTI5Mzc2.html

do let me go 此句是强调句,句中do是助动词,起强调作用 翻译为:一定要放我走!

Bei Maejor - Gone 我也找得够呛啊 刚找到 一定是你要找的


Amy Diamond - Heartbeats I can't figure out 我搞不清楚 Is it meant to be this way 这是否意味着只能如此 Easy words so hard to say 简单的话语却难以说出口 I can't live without 我不能生存 Knowing how you feel 如果无法触摸到你的感觉 Know if

就叫let me go是young london唱的

歌名:let me go歌手:Hailee Steinfeld/Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/watt歌词:You made plans and I, I made problems你有自己的打算 我也频频制造麻烦We were sleeping back to back我们貌合心离同床异梦We know this thing wasn't built to last

let me go . .. ..

也许你听得不太对~可能是don't let me go这是The Fray - never say never歌词:some things we don't talk aboutrather do without and just hold the smilefalling in and out of loveashamed and proud of, together all the whileyou can never say neverwhile


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