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laughter and tears: 欢笑与泪水through one's tears:透过……的眼泪

[图文] 完形填空. Laughter and tears are parts of living. But do you find enough time for laughter? I am not asking if you 1 lots of good times. 2 we should laugh during the happy times. But do you also laugh during the

brotha 合作的 you and me brotha through laughter and tears.您我同甘共苦.


Laughter tears for you alone欢笑为你流泪双语对照例句:1.Can I talk to you alone for a se-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

Life is composed of laughter and tears.Life is made up of laughter and tears.Life is consist of laughter and tears.

Like you like your laughter and tears of joy like you like your worries All in all you like, I can not forget

(My whole life主语),(brife as it was插入语),(had been spent谓语)( in that big old house地点状语) ,(gracefully touched with the laughter and tears of four generations过去分词词组作后置定语)我的一生,简而言之,都是在这经历了四代人欢笑与泪水的老房子中度过的


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