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lAt sB Do sth造句

Let us go

Let me play basketball 意思:让我打篮球.

make 后的 sb. do sth. 是复合宾语结构,意思是 “让某人做某事”,如 Don't make him work at the desk endlessly (不要让他没完没了地伏案工作).

let me help you wash your clothes. let's go to school. let's play football together. let's go home first. let me see.

She prayed now. "Lord, help me to find courage." 她马上祈祷道:“上帝呀,请赐我勇气吧.” I allowed her to help me to my feet. 我允许她扶我站起来.Will you help me to take the size of the board? 帮忙量一下这木板的尺寸好吗?Please

①I see him draw a picture. 我看到他画了一幅画.②I see her do homework. 我看到她在做作业 .补充知识:see sb. do sth 看见某人做某事的全过程see sb. doing sth 看见某人正在做某事(某一时间点)

Let us play basketball.

Sometimes I help my mother do the cooking. 有时候我帮我母亲做饭.He helped me find my watch. 他帮我找到了手表.

My mother often makes me do housework. Don't make me make sentences, or I will kill you. (呵呵) Now you make me make sentences for you. Your father makes you marry me when you grow up. (呵呵) Your teacher made you sweep the classroom this morning.(惨啊,做若力).记得采纳啊

I help her to find out the problem in her studying.to也可以申略的 望采纳


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