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l lovE sports英语作文

l love sports I like sports, I like playing football, playing basketball, swimming and so on movement. Finished writing my homework every day, I always downstairs to play badminton, parents also and I play badminton together. The weekend, so I

1.I love sports very much.This is because playing sports can not only pass time,it is also a good way of exercising.Playing sports can make me feel relaxed,and I can also play

i love sports, in the modern world,doing sports is more and more popular,some students like playing sports very much.as a teenager,ilove sports and i often d some exercise inthe morning.for example,swimming can make your body stronger ,

my name is gaoxu. i am a girl. my telephone number is 5743156. there are many people in my family. they are my grandparents, my parents, my brother and i. i am a student. i study in class six, grade one. my school is no. 2 middle school. i love to

during my secondary school years i often liked to go to the recreation room to play table tennis. some of my classmates were very good at this game and i often tried to compete with them to improve my skill. in high school i spent many hours playing

i love sports because sports can use we healthy.my favorite sport is run basketball badminton and table tennis,Playing sports can make me feel relaxed ,So l very like play sports.

l love sports I like sports,I like playing football,playing basketball,swimming and so on movement.Finished writing my homework every day,I always downstairs to play badminton,parents also and I play

Now people in China are so interested in sports.For what?Because the 29th Olympic Games will be hold in Beijing.However,not only in China,but also in the world,all the people are enjoy the world's sport- meeting. As a student,I think we are all like

I love sports Believe it or not,almost all the people love sports.Doing sports can not only make us stay healthy,but also help us feel relaxed and happy. Of course,I love sports,too. My favourite sports are swimming and walking They are really exciting

I like sports very much.I play many ball games,for example,badminton,basketball,table tennis.Ialways go swimming and play badminton in summer.And I usually run and play basketball in winter.Ilike playing badminton very much.Because it can let


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