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it wAs thE EFForts mADE

Thank you for giving me the honor I must bow deeply to you It was because of the efforts made Nengdong Thank you for giving me the honor The juvenile was more common Are you for allowing me to do the dream of most peak This is the glory

if it had not been for the efforts which was made by the captain, ~~~~~~~~~~~~

更正在括号处标明,保证准确率! One day an ant fell into a river. She made desperate efforts to reach the side, but made no (progresses改成progress) at all. The poor ant was almost (exhausting改成exhausted), but she was still bravely (does改成

tom改为Tom. change-changes,been去掉,wider前面的much去掉.building后面加s.thanks后面的for改为to.fighting改为fight. nicely改为nice. But改为And.up改为our. there改为here.

[图文] The efforts he made these years_become the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize in this field. (it) 这些 4.if tomorrow there was no enough room for us to live in?(think) 如果明天没有足够的空间让我们居住

这是最好的时代,也是最坏的时代.by charles dickens 出自《a tale of two cities》(《双城记》) 原文:it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age offoolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was

he thought it was impossible for him: 他觉得这对他来说不可能.什么不可能呢?'to beat the enemy':打败敌人对他来说不可能,'no matter what efforts he made':不论他做出多大的努力,都不可能.he made 是修饰 efforts.

If you believe , you can success . Thanks to everyone need to seifconfidence .In other wards ,we should study that imporve ourself abilities . more and more people be lake of belief at predent .even if coepete is very serious . but we shuould get

[图文] If he or she was terrified, then maybe you are afraid of something. D. Modern research can tell us in its efforts to get it. The birds seem to be able to smell wax from a long distance away. They will


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