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区别是:in exchange for 的意思是有什么去交换什么需要的东西,for后跟自己需要的东西!in exchange of 的意思是要交换的东西,也就是自己用这个东西跟别人进行交换.例句:in exchange for 1、The trade unions bargained away their rights

exchange 英[ks'tend] 美[kstend] n. 交换;交易;交易所;兑换(率) vt. 交换,互换;兑换;交换,调换 vi. 交换,替换;进行易货贸易,作物物交换;[金融业](货币)交换,兑换 [例句]exchange and dialogue are critical.交流和对话非常的重要.

in exchange 英[in iksteind] 美[n kstend] [词典] [财] 在兑换中; 作为交换;[例句]He paid her a huge salary. In exchange, he was assured of her vote.他给她支付了很高的薪水.作为交换,他确定能够得到她的选票.

in exchange for[英][in iksteind f:][美][n kstend fr]交换; 例句:1.In february, china agreed to a$ 25 billion loan to russia in exchange for oil. 今年2月,中国同意向俄罗斯提供250亿美元贷款,以换取石油.2.Opposition

你好!in exchange for作为、、的交换.in exchange of换取.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

exchange的用法是 exchange a for b ,意思是用a来交换b. 所以你的这句话应该说成, many schools drop pe time to exchange for the time of academic courses,或者是直接说 many schools exchange pe time for the time of academic courses.

exchange的用法:首先,应掌握它的三个词性:动词,名词,形容词.分别来说一下它们的用法.1. 动词.基本用法: (1) exchange sth 即“交换某物”.例:exchange gifts(交换礼物); exchange ideas(交换想法) (2) exchange A


would you like like my old tv in exchange for this camera?you can exchange your currency for dollars in this hotel.tom is a good example to all of us.in her excitement she dropped her glass.

tendency n. 倾向,趋势;癖好 用法不同,tendency后面往往会有补充说明比如tendency to tendency forHe had a tendency to shrink up whenever attention was focused on him.每当人们的注意力集中在他身上时,他往往畏缩不前.We can


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