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how后面加to Do还是Doing

What about/ How about (doing) sth?是一个表示提出建议的举行,后面可以跟名词,代词,动名词.

how to doing不对 因为to 介词 动词不定式 只能是to do

how about doing 因为about是介词,所有的介词后面接动词时,都用动名词(doing)形式.

how about 加doing 因为about 是介词 let's 后面加have 因为非谓语动词 固定搭配 加原型 likes 加to do 或者doing 看情况

一、① agree to do (sth) ② decide to do (sth) ③ learn to do (sth) ④ promise to do (sth) ⑤ refuse to do (sth) ⑥ want to do (sth) ⑦ manage to do (sth) ⑧ fail to do (sth) ⑨ ask to do (sth) ⑩ offer to do (sth) ⑾ hope to do (sth) ⑿ wish to do (sth) ⒀

to do 和doing的用法区别 stop to do 停止,中断做某事后去做另一件事. stop doing 停止做某事. They stop to smoke a cigarette. 他们停下来,抽了根烟. I must stop smoking. 我必须戒烟了. 典型例题 She reached the top of the hill and stopped ___

应该是 what fun it is to do something ! 这是个感叹句 . it 是形式主语, to do sth 是真正的主语 it is fun to do sth 变为感叹句就是 what fun it is to do something !

一般好像都是接名词.like 为动词时才是接to do 或者doing

dong sth

to do 多数情况下为不定式;doing用在be动词后(am is are were was)多表现在进行时和过去进行时;like ,be found of ,continue,prefer,等加doing,多位固定用法

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