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how high对什么提问

“用how提问” 1. 对程度提问用how .如;They like China very much . ---How do they like China ? 2. 对方式方法提问用how.如:I often go to school by motorbike .----How do you often go to school ? 3. 对天气和身体状况提问用 how.如:It is

如果是提问人的身高用how tall,对山峰的高度提问用how high

how many how old how far how long how much

多高的意思,例句 no matter how high we can reach, we can never reach or touch the sky or stars. 不管我们能接触到多高,我们都从不能到达天空或触碰到满天繁星.

how about 提问后面跟的是doing sth,跟what about用法一样

划线部分提问1、对“地点”提问用where.如:(1).They are studying Chinese in → How high is the hill?19、对“长度”、“宽度”提问,用how long,how wide.如:(

how big提问物体的大小.如how big is your room? .. How big is Shanghai? 等等,回答自然以实际情况作答了

What's the temperature?

英语划线部分提问六年级应该不难啊~划线部分问的是什么,就用相应疑问词提问啊~~~ 下面的要好好看,帮你找的:对划线部分提问1、对“地点”提问用where.如:TheyarestudyingChineseinChina.→WherearetheystudyingChinese?2、就“

根据后面而定,what is that? 那是什么?(what 作表语) what did he say? 他说什么? (what 作宾语) 名词性的成分,疑问代词which what 都可以担当,如主语,宾语,表语.以及它们的补足语 why when how属于疑问副词,就是状语呗.whose可以做定语

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