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hAvE A rEst造句

1.Are we going to have a rest ? 我们要休息一下吗? 2.I hope to have a rest . 我希望能休息一下. 3.I am very tired now, but I can not have a rest a dirty room . 我们非常疲惫,可是却不能有个干净的房间休息.

I had a rest the day before yestoday.

I will have a rest the day when I retire .

I'm hoping to have a good rest.我希望能好好休息一下.You should have a good rest now.你现在应该好好休息一下.

Every day, i have a rest with my mom after dinner.

ask sb. for advice : Many students ask Language Doctor for advice about improving their English, 许多学生向语言博士征求关于提高他们的英语的建议. have a rest : I'm tired,I want to have a rest. 我累了,我想休息一会.

I'll 【have a rest】 after finishing this work.Let's 【go swimming 】 this afternoonOn the desk there are books,pens,and so onLet's listen to the music.We have classes everyweekI go to bed at 9pm everydayMy bad is reading newspaper nowLet'

take a rest/relax

have a rest 英[hv rest] 美[hv e rst] [词典] 休息一下; 歇; [例句]Once this is all over and done with you can have a rest.大功告成后你就可以休息了.

have a rest 休息一会儿 更多释义>> [网络短语] have a rest 休息,休息一下,休息一会儿 have a good rest 好好休息,好好休息一下,祝您过的愉快 I have a rest 放假时我会


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