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EvEn though中文

even though:尽管 as though:好像. 不是主谓一致,而是要注意虚拟语气.eg.She is so kind to you as though she were your mother.她对你那么好,好像她是你的妈妈.

even though 一般放在句子中间,是连词跟句子.despite是介词,跟词.

even though英 [i:vn u] 美 [ivn o]即使,纵然; 即若; 哪怕; 即令

be dependent on The boy is keen on mathematics. deal with, interfere with;known /noted for(因…. range from…to, benefit from, distinguish…from , devote to, adapt to, adjust to,in danger of (在….危险之中)3, ask for 2. be suited for, be


歌曲名:Even Though歌手:Case专辑:Open LetterNorah Jones - Even ThoughSomething by the way he touched me,Was so slow,The way he'd put his arms around me,Even though,I'm feeling lonelyI'm feeling lonelyDon't understand the words he


though意思一样(虽然),though较口语化,多用于口语,although较正式,多用于书面语,even though(even if):即使,表假设

歌曲名:Even Though歌手:Morcheeba专辑:Blood Like LemonadeEven though she's on my mindEven though she's hard to findEven though there's always something with youEven though there's always somethingEven though she's right on


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