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“envia”原自英文Enviable, 是“令人欣羡的;可羡慕的”意思.我们认为,优雅女人首先是有爱的,然后才是优雅的,显然,有爱的优雅女人是令人羡慕的. [1] 因为爱(Envia)秉承”优雅常在因为爱“的核心价值理念,致力于为崇尚优

enviable 别人羡慕你 envious 你羡慕别人

不是.enviable的意思"可羡慕的;引起妒忌的",没有贬义的意思希望你能满意,o(∩_∩)o ~

no,it isn't的音标是 [n t znt] .

Every person in this world are the needs of friends, so what friends are very important. When you make friends when you first want to others, it's their right to others, others will equally Hello, this is the same principles. In life, you may be exposed to

surplus 英 [ s:pls ] 美 [ s:rpls ] adj.过剩的; 多余的 n.剩余额; 公积金; 顺差; 盈余 例句1.The country's trade surplus widened to 16.5 billion dollars.该国的贸易顺差增加到165亿美元.2.Japan is in the enviable position of having a budget surplus.日本的预算盈余令人羡慕.3.The invisible trade surplus was 200 million lower than reported.无形贸易盈余比报道所称的少2亿英镑.

永久居留双语对照词典结果:permanent residence[英][p:mnnt rezidns][美][pmnnt rzdns][法]永久居留; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Anyway, she got an enviable non-agricultural certificate plus registered permanent residence. 但是不管怎样,她获得了令人羡慕的非农业户口.

As a students,we should have good behavior. In order to have excellet environment, we should plant more trees, flowers and grass. We shouldn't spit or litter things. We should talk with others politely. We should be friendly to others and help them


enviable [ 'envibl ] adj. 值得羡慕的;引起忌妒的一张令人嫉妒的脸An enviable face在给你一个例句:You are in a position that many would consider enviable.你处在一个很多人会认为值得羡慕的地位.

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