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enthusiast[英][nθju:zist][美][nθu:zist]n.热情者,热心者; 热衷于…的人; 狂热者; 宗教狂; 复数:enthusiasts例句:1.Remember I'm a long-time linux enthusiast. 还记得,我是linux长时间的爱好者.2.For the iphone enthusiast and


enthusiastically 英[nθju:z'stkl] 美[nθjuzstkl:] adv. 热心地,满腔热情地; 起劲; [例句]It is unlikely that this suggestion will be greeted enthusiastically in the Baltic States. 该提议不大可能在波罗的海诸国得到热烈响应

"Of course, you'll do," said Drouet, who, in his efforts enthuse Carrie, had interested himself. “当然,你一定行的,"杜洛埃说. 他给嘉莉鼓劲时,自己的兴趣也上来了. We are too tired,but we kp it up with remarkable enthusiasm. 我们太累

enthusiast英 [nθju:zist]美 [nθuzist]n.热情者,热心者; 热衷于…的人; 狂热者; 宗教狂机器发音请参阅http://www.iciba.com/enthusiast

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enthusiastic:adj,热情的,热心的 enthusiasm:n,热心肠 enthusiastically:adv,热心地 enthusiast:n,热心者

enthusiast 是 名词,爱好者;热心者.后接介词 for/of.例如:an enthusiast of jazz ,爵士乐的爱好者.enthusiastic 是 形容词,热情的,热烈的.后接介词 about (about somebody/ something)| ~ (about doing something).例如:She was even less enthusiastic about going to Spain. 她对去西班牙更是不感兴趣.我觉得你的意思是 be enthusiastic 而不是 be enthusiast .

enthusiasm n. 热心, 热情, 狂热, 积极性(for) 爱好的事物, 热心研究的对象 [古]宗教狂, 笃信

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