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DrAw upon

draw upon sb 吸引某人 draw upon sb 吸引某人

有道词典一查就可以了 draw upon overseas experience

一般是在单据要求里,对汇票做出的相关规定出现.draw on+开证银行,受票人或汇票开给draw upon和draw on一个意思 一般还有drawn under+drawee(信用证里有这部分)

6.I'd like to draw upon this opportunity to express my thanks for your help.7.With the Internet, all the world's information can be tapped into.8.The factory give off an unpleasent smell.9.This money can make them live out their own dream.10.I can't take on any more work at the moment.都是我自己翻译整理的,如果对您有所帮助,希望采纳,谢谢.

dwell upon 指的是 1) 眷恋, 老是想着一样东西或一件事情(多指应该忘记的) 2) 凝视; 细看它的等价词组: consider, continue, elaborate, emphasize, expatiate, harp on, involve oneself, tarry over, hold onto

主语he谓语will draw宾语his head后面是一个……不像是状语从句.要么有一个and连接,要么有一个,或;号

1.We want bold absorption(draw upon) and reference for the human society including capitalist society created all civilization achievements, combined with the new practice,new creation, use2.Some

亲爱、祢要理解这个社会、 太过现实乐、 祢要相信、 在祢最难时候、帮助祢人、是最心疼祢人.

卖方应能够利用LC /货款8%价值的LC /货款.draw upon利用;开出;总结

draw sb for sth 吸引某人做某事 draw 英[dr:] 美[dr] vt. 吸引; 绘画; 拖,拉; 招致; vt. 画; 吸引; 拉; vi. 汲取; 移动; 拔出剑; 皱缩; [例句]She would sit there drawing with the pencil stub.她会坐在那儿用铅笔头画画.[其他] 第三人称单数:draws 现在分词:drawing 过去式:drew过去分词:drawn

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