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1. Do not make a difficulty or disaster seem much greater than it really is. 2. You can make a difficulty, but court just make a record 3. There are many interference factors in videos, including complicated backgroundenvironment, target posture

I have difficulty doing my homework.我做作业有困难.

overcome difficulties 克服 (多个/不明) 困难,overcome the (this) difficulty 克服 (一个/一种) 困难

i had difficulty in finding your home . the student had difficulty in working out the maths problem .

I have difficulty playing piano

difficulties 意思是:困难!1.只有克服了困难 你才能学好英语!Only if you overcome difficulties can you learn English well!2.克服了困难,成功就不远了!Success is around the corner after you overcome any difficulies!3.What is the best way to

I have difficulty in finishing my homework!完成家庭作业有困难

1.All this taught them how to cope with difficulties. 所有这些都教育了他们应如何克服困难.2.Whenever we met with difficulties, they came to help us. 每当我们遇到困难时, 他们总来帮助我们.3.We should spurn at the difficulties but not look down upon them. 我们应该蔑视困难,但绝不应轻视它们.

1.be in difficulty有困难 2.have difficulty in doing sth.作某事有困难 3.make no difficulty[-ties]无异议, 不反对, 不阻挠 4.with difficulty困难地; 吃力地 ,作副词用5.without difficulty容易地, 毫不费力地 6.face to the difficulty 面对困难



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