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the crayon is orange .这支蜡笔是桔色的.

用the give for every crayons child out怎么造句 是连词成句吧.应该是:Give out the crayons for every child 意思是:把这些给每个孩子(准备)的蜡笔发出去.

1.I need some children's crayons.我需要一些儿童蜡笔.2.He coloured the picture with a yellow crayon.他用黄蜡笔给画着色.3.He coloured the picture with crayon.他用蜡笔给画上色.

1. Please put your socks away.2. Here is my bag. It's blue.3. My book is here. Yours is over there.4. I use my crayons every day.5. May I use your ruler,please?6. I bought a rubber yesterday.

用the give for every crayons child out怎么造句是连词成句吧.应该是:Give out the crayons for every child意思是:把这些给每个孩子(准备)的蜡笔发出去.

I have sixteen crayons. 我有15支蜡笔. sorry,应该是16支

Look at my crayons ! 是一个祈使句 看好我的蜡笔!

whose crayons are those

please give out the crayons改为否定句:please don't give out the crayons.

造句:Here are some red crayons.这里是一些红色的蜡笔.


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