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(具体事物的)集中 注意力的集中

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:n. 浓度;集中;浓缩;专心;集合 网络释义 专业释义 英英释义 浓度 集中 浓缩 专注 短语 Concentration 20 Concentration 20 ; Concentration 20 Mass concentration 质量瘤 ; 质量浓度 ; 质量瘤 ; 质量浓度 MC Concentration ratio 产业集中度 ; 集中度 ; 选矿比 ; 产业集中度 .

in the concerntration of a small molecule专注于小分子的运动

lethal concentration英[li:θl knsntrein]美[liθl knsntren][词典] 致死浓度;[网络] 致死浓度; 致命浓度; 受害症状;[例句]The grades were designed by equal space between logarithm, and the median lethal concentration was computed by Linear Regression.浓度梯度按等对数间距设置,半致死浓度采用直线内插法进行计算.


economies可直译为“经济体” 所以rich economies可以翻译为富裕的国家,翻译要结合语境,并不是说economies可以翻译为 国家

thanks for your expectation to our company.不过expectation好像不太好,concerntration, attention, 可以选一个.


I strongly protest against teenagers to smoke. Not only because smoking is harmful to the body, it also distracts the concerntration for study and leads to the decrease of school's marks. Once addicted to smoking, it is quite difficult to quit. Somking

I has been a long time until he managed to write that report.When I arrived the enter(gate), I was told to show the invitation.If you put more concerntration on English study, You'll command this language.


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