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ComE to powEr造句

The new leader has come to power.

she comes to power when she was a 35-year-old women

以come为中心的词组: come across 偶尔发现、(偶然)遇见,想起;越过;偿付 come about 发生 come along 一道来,陪伴;进步,进展;出现 come at 达到,求得,得到;扑向,袭击 come back 回来;恢复,复原 come down 倒下;降

他被任命为文化部部长.2. The new leader has come to power. 新领导上台了.3. Why did God give her the power of love if it was to come to nothing? 既然她的爱的魔力到头来会烟消云散. You can't handle it. 维吉尔;pau] 美 [km tu come to

come to power[英][km tu: pau][美][km tu pa](开始)掌权,上台;例句:双语英语1.So who is this guy and how did he come to power?这个人是谁他如何掌权的?

come to power=be in power/ control

come into power 英[km ntu pau] 美[km ntu pa] v. (开始) 掌权,上台,执政; 全部释义>> [例句]french presidents do not wait to recount and justify their deeds in office; they write their memoirs before they come into power. 法国总统而不是被动等待,并重新证明自己的事迹,在办公室;他们写自己的回忆录,才上台.


1.这个词有点问题貌似 请检查一下是否有拼写错误2.She is an active girl. 她是一位活泼的姑娘. 3.He devoted everything he had. 他奉献了他拥有的一切.4.The enemy attacked us at night. 敌人在夜间袭击了我们. 5.He doesn't seem equal to

掌权be in powerbe in authority excercise powerweild power


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