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By ACCiDEnt造句

1. He had a slip of tongue by accident. 他偶然说走嘴. 2. He upon the solution to the problem almost by accident. 他几平出于偶然而想出了解决问题的办法. 3. He did it whether by accident or design. 不知道他是偶然还是有意做了这件事. 4.

I forgot the cards by accident. 我意外的忘了那些卡片. Sometimes we succeed by accident. 有时我们会意外取得成功. They met him by accident . 他们偶然遇见了他. I meet him by accident. 我偶然的遇到他.

by accident; 意外地; 偶然地 造句: She broke the plate by accident. 她意外地把碗盘打碎了.

We met together by accident. 我们偶然相会.

I meet my primary classmate by accident!(我碰巧遇到我的小学同学了)

I meet him by accident. 我偶然地遇见了他. Columbus discoverde America by accident. 哥伦布偶然发现了美洲. 顺便推荐个英语学习网站, http://waiyu.kaoshibaike.com/ ,觉得不错哦!!

i meet him in the street by accident

When I was walking , I was knocked by a car by accident再看看别人怎么说的.

She did it by accident!! 她无意的

He has dead by accident for 3 years!


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