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BE surE ABout用法

be sure about sth /doing sth 确定某事或者干某事 例如:You can be sure about their interest in it. 你可以肯定他们对这个很感兴趣.

be sure of sth.是对某件事确信;而be sure about 是关于什么的确信

be sure about sth.

be sure of和be sure about有区别吗?如果是Are you sure_about___that ? be sure of和be sure about有区别吗?意义无区别,be sure of一般用于肯定句:be sure about用于否定句和疑问句.

be sure about sth.It is impossible to be sure about the value of land.土地的价值是无法确定的.来自柯林斯例句

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:be sure to do sth be sure that .

be sure about sth.确信,肯定, 有把握(思想或想法)是正确的 be sure to do sth. 一定,必定会做或某事会发生;定要,务必做某事 be sure of sth./doing sth. 一定将会得到或会发生 be sure with sth/sb 确信某人/证实某事

be sure 确信,肯定 I can't be sure. 我不能肯定. make sure查明; 设法确保, 确定 You must make sure of the time and place. 你必须把时间和地点弄清楚. Make sure at least two people from the marketing team can attend. 要确定销售部门至少要有两个人来参加.

sure一词既可用作形容词,又可用作副词.下面谈谈它的用法: 一、 sure用作形容词,意为"肯定的;当然的;有把握的".例如: 1. be sure(不接其它词),意为"肯定的".例如: are you sure? 你能肯定吗? i think he is coming, but i'm

be sure 确信 例句:She looked over her shoulder to be sure there was no one. 她扭头看了看后面以确认后面没有人.be sure about 对很有把握例句: You can be sure about their interest in it. 你可以肯定他们对引很感兴趣.


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