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BE in timE to Do sth

it's time(for sb) to do sth是固定搭配,另外还有另一个相似的搭配,就是it's + 形容词 (for sb) to do sth,意思为对(某人)来说,做某事是很什么的.例:it's important for us to get more physical excerise.对我们来说,多做体育锻炼是很重要的.

in time 及时; 迟早; 最后; 经过一段时间之后; on time 按时,准时; 以分期付款方式; 正点; 顺时; They've tabled a motion criticising the Government for doing nothing about the problem.他们提交了一项动议,批评政府在该问题上无所作为.不知道你问的是什么,这几个都是介词短语,没这种用法,把具体的问题拿出来

be uesd to do sth 是“被用来做某事”的意思 例句: 1、Computers can be used to do many things. 电脑可用来做许多事. 2、Of course, as we know, dogs can be used to guard a house, and elephants can be used to do some heavy jobs. 当然,

in time 是具有副词性质的介词短语,用语修饰行为动词,应该是做状语to do 做的是表语,因为前面用的是be

区别如下:1. it's time to do sth 和it's time for sth 意思都是:是该做……的时候了.2. it's time to do sth 是动词不定式做目的状语.例:it is time to sleep 是时候要睡觉.3. it's time for sth是名词或动名词做目的状语.例:it is time for breakfast 该吃早饭了.


be fun to do sth 做某事是有意思的 双语对照 例句:1.What would be fun to do today? 今天有什么有趣的事情做呢?----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【满意】按钮

该做某事了 的意思

be +动词不定式(即be + to do sth.)的用法如下: 1.表示按计划或安排要做的事.例如: when are you to leave for home?你什么时候回家? she is to be married next month.她将于下个月结婚. the queen is to visit japan in a week's time.女王

be time for doing sth.be time to do sth.


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