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BE grAtEFul to tEAChEr

we should be grateful to our parents and teachers.

I elementary school, they like English classes, so the English teacher has a unique feeling. Teacher all their dedication to the education, the deepest love to the students, and it is left to their own temples autumn frost. Seventh grade English teacher

be grateful to 感谢,感激 感激某人做某事be grateful to sb

be grateful for:因感激 例:I am grateful to my teacher for being interested in his students.我感谢我的老师对他的学生关心.be grateful to:对感激 例:And think of here, and here all my attention, they will be grateful to them for me.想起和这里,

be grateful to teacher(s) be thankful to teacher(s) be appreciated to teacher(s) appreciation for teacher(s) appreciation to teacher(s) thanksgiving for teacher(s) thanksgiving to teacher(s) 翻译供参

be grateful for是指对某样事物产生感激,be grateful to是指对某个人物产生感激.

正确答案:把it改成that.或者去掉thatthat引导宾语从句,然后在这个宾语从句里面,主句是it will be more beautiful, 状语是if从句.

I'll thank you very much for the teacher

be grateful to for [释义] 感激某人因某事; 全部释义 [例句]'Very well,' said Armand, extending his hand and grasping mine, 'I accept and shall be grateful to you for the rest of my life.' 太好了,先生,阿尔芒紧紧握住我的手说,我接受了.您对我的好

Teachings such as spring, SHI like deep sea. 教诲如春风,师恩似海深.


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