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BE glAD Doing sth

be glad to do sth.


I'm very glad for your help.He must be glad that you are here


乐于做某事= be pleased to do be delighted to do

很高兴做某事比如i'm glad to see you,很高兴见到你

I'm glad to see you here.你给定了词组 其实最好的表达是I'm glad for your coming.

i am afraid of swimming. i am busy play computer games i am glad to see you i am going to buy him a book he bring me a watch he help me with english 如果您认为满意,请采纳该答案.

Be pleased to do sth. 乐意做某事 Be happy to do sth. 高兴做某事 Be glad to do sth. 很高兴做某事


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