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BE FlooDED with造句

be flooded with 被..淹没的 双语对照 例句:1.The fear that the market will be flooded with new shares is one of the reasons that the shanghai composite has fallen more than 30 per cent from its peak last october. 投资者担心市场中将充斥新股,这是上证综合指数自去年10月高点累计跌逾30%的原因之一.

Go seek them out and connect with them. 把他们找出来并与他们取得联系.有主动形式,表示联络 求个好评~

how to deal with the problem is a big question. 怎么解决这个问题很麻烦. deal with 就是翻译为解决,后面只要加 麻烦,难题就可以 了,疑问代词用how do with 意思差不多,疑问代词用what

Both of us would protect with our lives. 我们俩个都会去用生命保护的.Serious to wearing away place, except adopt outside trying to protect with covering,still can exchange the position is used. 对磨损严重的部位,除采取用覆盖物加以保护外,还

被充满1. The office was flooded with complaints. 办事处收到如洪水般涌至的投诉信件. 2. The place was flooded with light. 那地方十分光亮

i am confident to my voice quietly 我对我的嗓音很自信

vt.连接,联结;使…有联系;为…接通电话;插入插座 vi.连接;建立关系;[体]成功击中 youcanconnectthemachinetoyourhi-fi.你可以把机器连在高保真音响上.connectthehosetothetapandturnonthetap.把水管接在龙头上,打开水龙头.thepolicehavesufficientevidencetoconnectthesuspectwiththeexplosion.警察有充足的证据认为该疑犯与爆炸案有关.记得采纳哦

She was frightened by a dog.她被一条狗吓坏了.I was frightened when I saw the nasty gash in her arm.她胳膊上又深又长的大伤口吓坏了我.Don't be frightened. We're not going to hurt you.I was frightened of being left by myself in the house.Her

His mind began to fill with dreadful thoughts. 他心里逐渐充满种种可怕的念头. The hall was filled with choking clouds of smoke. 大厅里充满了使人透不过气来的烟雾

allow with:允许

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