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BE CAught in造句

be caught in 是固定短语,句中缺少的是并列谓语,因此不能用caught in.


with后跟人或物:be caught with note in后跟状态:be caught in the rain

he's involved in the big case .来自英语牛人团,望采纳

something that has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable.(有一定大小,并可以用数学中的常数和变数表示的东西.)意思是 用什么方式表现

He was caught under a big stone.他被压在一块大石头下.如有疑问,请追问!

be stuck in 陷入,卡住不动,困住例:" he wailed."My hand will be stuck in this jar for ever.他哭着说,“我的手会永远卡在罐子里的.”We don't want to be stuck in the market all the afternoon.我们不想整个下午被困在商场. be caught in = 被捉住,陷入,卷入be caught in the rain =被困在大雨中/被雨淋湿都有陷入的意思be stuck in侧重于动作,be caught in侧重于状态

be caught in 翻译: 被卷入 淋雨

get caught up in 埋头于……;致力于……;卷入…… Many citizens do not get caught up in local events.许多市民对本地事件不感兴趣.The government seems to have got caught up in the argument between Russia and America. 政府似乎已被卷

be caught in the rain被困在大雨中


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