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~be beneficial to 指 “对 … 来说是有益的” ,如 Miner water is beneficial to our health (矿泉水对我们的身体健康来说是有益)..~be beneficial for 指 “为实现 … 目的是有益的”,如果把上面句子改为 Drinking miner water is beneficial for our health,意思则变成了 “喝矿泉水对增进我们的健康是有益的” .

是介词,后面加宾语.be beneficial to 读音:英 [bi benfl tu] 美 [bi benfl tu] 释义:有益于.语法:beneficial的基本意思是“有益的,有利的”,可指有利于财政方面的富足,更常指有利于精神或身体健康.beneficial在法律

只能用for的32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d8331333337623538情况 be beneficial for somebody to do sth 其他的for/to sb/sth 随便用,都是没错的 不过to是标准搭配 例句 I think it would be beneficial for each committee

1、如果主语是一件实际的事情,后面就用be beneficial to doing sth.如:Reading a lot is beneficial to (improving) your english.2、如果主语是it 作为形式主语,那么通常后面用不定式作为真正的主语,即用be beneficial to do sth.如:It is beneficial to read a lot.=to read a lot is beneficial (to you).


be beneficial to读法:英 [bi: benifil tu:] 美 [bi bnfl tu]意思: 有益于; 利于to 作为动词不定式符号,后面加动词原形 例子:1.It can be beneficial to share your feelings with someone you trust. 向自己信任的人倾诉感情是很

benefit只由动词和名词词性,没有be benefit to结构,但是可以说be of benefit to ,和be beneficial to 都可以表示”对……有好处"


be beneficial for sb to do sth 一般都用接to的,be beneficial to 是标准搭配

be beneficial to[英][bi: benifil tu:][美][bi bnfl tu]v.对..有益;有益于.; 利于.例句:1.So I readily accept that big business can be beneficial to society and is a factof life. 因此,我欣然认同以下这一


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