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Ask sB sth造句

My teacher asked me to finish the 揣龚编夹妆蝗表伟勃连homework.老师让我完成家庭作业.

ask sb. for sth = ask sb. to do sth

“ask sb. sth”是双宾语结构, 意思是 “向某人求某物”或 “向某人询问某事”.例如:1.My mother asked me the reason.(我妈妈问我的理由).2.You should ask the waiter the bills.(你应该问服务员要账单).3.Tom asked her pardon.(汤姆请求她的宽恕).sth. 也可以用从句.例如:My father asked her why I am so angry.(我爸爸问她为什么我这么生气).

He asked his parents for a bicycle as his birthday present.他向父母要一辆自行车作为生日礼物.

这个不定式是错误的,应该是ask sb to do sth,造句:主语+ask+宾语+to+其他短语(to后面一个单词原型)

I asked him about his new job.He asked his brother about their teacher.

I ask he for my book我向他要回我的书

1. to do what a letter ask to is do 做信中要求做的事 来源: dj.iciba.com 2. ask if somebody has the ability to do something 询问某人能否做某事 来源: dj.iciba.com 3. ask someone in a friendly way to do something 用友好的方式要求某人做某事

ask sb for any adviceask sb for any helpsask sb for a favorask sb for any information

I ask him for a book以此类推“谁向谁要了什么”


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