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Ask For同义词

ask for 的同义词 look for, require要求,寻找


你好!请一周的休假;同义词 Take a leave for one week.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

ask for 分开的,不可能并拢,寻求的意思.ask for leave 请假

首先我们来了解下ask这个单词:第一个意思:提问, 比如:let me ask you a question. 让我问你一个问题.第二个意思:需求帮助,建议之类, 比如: if you need anything just ask me. 如过你需要什么就直接跟我说.当然他还有一些别的意思,

1、草原 近义词:热闹喧闹 响亮洪亮 飞驰疾驰、飞奔 天涯天际 舒服舒适 拘束拘谨 羞涩羞怯、羞愧 勾勒勾画 反义词:舒服难受 洒脱拘束 热闹冷清 大方拘谨、羞涩 清鲜浑浊2、丝绸之

he asked me for money 他向我要钱

ask for ----require explain---make clear

ask for 为动词,for为介词,ask for为动介词组,意思是:要求、请求等;例如: 1.That was Nicholas's cue to ask for another chocolate chip cookie. 那表示尼古拉斯还想要一块巧克力曲奇. 2.I decided to go to the next house and ask for food. 我决定去隔壁那家要点吃的. 3.Don'tbe afraid to ask for advice about ordering the meal. 点餐时可以大胆征求意见.

ask for 英式发音:[:sk f:(r)] 美式发音:[sk f:r] 中文释义:请求,要求;寻找 例句:So for example I defined p, remember back over here, as a Cartesian point, but I can actually ask for its polar form.我可以要求返回它的极坐标形式,这里对


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