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in order that So that.为了 in order to For the purpose of.为……的目的 in short order With no delay; quickly.快的:迅速的;不延搁的 on order Requested but not yet delivered.已定购但货尚未到 on the order of Of a kind or fashion similar to; like:相

approximately是程度副词 在句中修饰名词结构 100 grams. to approximately 100 grams 就是介词结构做状语,应该不叫程度状语.

n.1:顺序.in the order of 2:命令 obey(执行) the order v.1 命令.order sb to do sth 2点菜 order the food 3为了(表目的)in order to do

1、speak about 1)释义:提及;说到2)例句:Speak about yourself, not about your friend . 说你自己,而不是关于你的朋友 .2、talk about 1)释义:谈论;讨论2)例句:What should we talk about? 我们该讨论些什么呢?3、think about 1)

approximately英[prksmtli]美[pr:ksmtli]adv. 近似地,大约; 许;[网络] 大约; 近似; 大概;[例句]The conservatory measures approximately 13ft x 16ft.温室的大小大约是13英尺乘16英尺.[其他] 形近词: approximation

in the distance 在远处 the boys had been dully conscious of a peculiar sound in the distance,几个孩子隐隐约约地听到远处有一种奇怪的声响,at the distance 在距离的地方 Lay down the extinguisher at the distance of approximately 5m away from the origin of fire.在距离起火点5米左右处,放下灭火器.专门查了词典,基本没问题 望采纳 谢谢

approximately: [ 'prksimtli ] ad. 近似地,大约 例句与用法 1. the plane will be taking off in approximately five minutes. 飞机大约五分钟后就起飞. 2. at a time near to; at approximately 将近的时候;大约在 3. a unit of time

希望我的回答可以帮助你理解这个单词:中文简解:ad. 近似地,大约 单词结构:a[r4] + p[r1] + proxim[r1] + ate[r2] + ly[r2] 构词法则:a:加强意义 + p:双写辅音p + proxim:接近,靠近 + ate:形容词后缀(表示有…性质的、如…形状的、具有


arrange about安排,argue about辩论, ask about询问,bring about带来,chat about闲聊,care about在意,complain about报怨,go about着手,hear about听说, inquire about打听,know about了解, quarrel about争论,read about读到, see about负责处理,set about开始, speak about谈起, talk about谈论, think about考虑, trouble about担心,tell about讲述,worry about着急


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