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作为连词although 和 though 通常可以互换使用:Although (或 though ) 尽管她微笑着,她却在生气.Although常放在从句的开头(如前面例句),而though 可以出现在其它位置,当用来连接词语或短语时更为常用,如尽管穷一些却更有头脑 或在

although it、、、depression从句,having、、、as a personal insult主句 ,其中having---your downside 动名词做主语,will appeal to those 谓宾,who---as a害畅愤堆莅瞪缝缺俯画 insult定语. 虽然谈到情绪时要格外小心,但别人拿你的逆境对比他的成功经历来宽慰你时,尤其是说:加油!亲爱的,你不会失败的!诸如此类的话,这对你来说,简直就是个人攻击了.

1.she didn't pass the exam though she didn't lose heart.2.she is very brave though she is a little girl3.they are going on with their work though it is very hot.4.although he is poor,he is generous to his friends5.although it is in winter,they go swimming every day.

Although she is a beautiful girl,none like to play with her.虽然她很漂亮,但却没人喜欢和她玩.He staggered on his views,although no man agreed with him.尽管没人赞同他的观点,他还是坚持他的看法.也可以把前后两个句子调换顺序Although the ship started to tip over,she soon righted herself.虽然这艘船开始倾覆,但她很快就恢复了直立状态.



many people like fast food ,although it is not healthy mary is keen on learning english ,though she cannot speak it well i get little pocket money from my parents ,though i don't complain i got up early this morning ,although i stayed up late last night.lucy

很多副词都可以,表示强调!although没有这种用法!如:finally unexpectedly

楼主,您好 I'd quite like to go out, (al)though it is a bit late. 我很想外出,虽然为时稍晚.Although it was snowing, it was not very cold. 虽然下着雪,但并不很冷. Let's start as arranged though it rains tomorrow. 即使明天下雨,咱们也按预定的计划

although 英[l'; l-] 美[l'o]conj. 虽然,尽管,即使一般用于让步状语从句中,although=thoughalthough 引导的让步状语从句不能倒装,经常放在主语之前;though 引导的让步状语从句可以倒装,也可以不倒装,可以放主句前后.望采纳

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