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All thE timE用法

一、用在一般过去时:1 We stayed at home all the time in the evening when we lived in the countryside because there was nothing exciting for us to see outside.2 Yesterday afternoon,she did her school homework all the time without going out for

all the time1. (在某一段时间内)一直,始终2. 继续,不停3. 时常,多次4. 老是,一向

1.(在该段时间内)一直 I have been busy all the time.我一直很忙.2.向来, 一向 He's a business man all the time.他一向是做生意的. PS:需要注意的是你上面的两句是不一样的,第一句译为:我已经等了他两小时;第二句译为:我一直在等他.从中文中你就可以判断出区别了

all through 字顺排列 [计]all the time 一直; 始终

all the time1. (在某一段时间内)一直,始终2. 继续,不停3. 时常,多次4. 老是,一向 similar situations occur all the time.类似的情况一直在发生.and a good cook could cook cookies all the time.一个厨艺好的厨师可以一直做好吃的饼干.all

all time 是所有时间 all the time 是一直

yes i can no i can't


all the time 是一直的意思 all the times 没有这种用法 time用复数时意思是倍数或次数

all the time意为“一直”,作为状语,放在句尾是习惯用法,这点与汉语表达不同.比如:-He's interrupting me all the time.-他一直打断我讲话.一般来说,表示时间、地点的状语短语放在句末比较常见.比如at 9am(上午九点)、in the classroom(在教室)这些在句子里一般放在句末.地点状语也可以放在句首,不过这都涉及到倒装句了.比如:-There is a fly between the pictures.倒装后就是:-Between the pictures is a fly.



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