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ACtivE ADj造句

1.ADJ Someone who is active moves around a lot or does a lot of things. 好动的例:With three active little kids running around, there was plenty to keep me busy.有3个好动的小孩到处跑,就够让我忙的了.2.ADJ If you have an active mind or

He is an active member of the school's stamp club.他是学校集邮俱乐部的一名活跃会员.

ability 能力 EG He is a man of many abilities. 他是一个有多方面才能的人. He has the ability to do sth. 他有能力做某事 active a. 积极的 活跃的 EG She takes an active participant in this activity. 她积极参与这项活动 wisely adv. 聪明地 英明地 明智地 EG. He had wisely decided to be picked up at the farm. 他作出了英明决定让人来农场接他.

: Army is active and kind so we like to stay with she.艾米开朗善良所以我们喜欢和她待在一起.active 英[ktv]美[ktv]adj. 积极的,活跃的,有生气的; 迅速的,敏捷的; 有效的,起作用的;n. [语法] 主动语态; 积极分子,活跃的人;[其他] 比较级:more active 最高级:most active

active 用作形容词 (adj.)1.Ms. Brown is active in the party.布朗女士在晚会上很活跃.2.He is an active member of the school's stamp club.他是学校集邮俱乐部的一名活跃会员.3.She was active as a left-winger in the party.她是党内积极的左翼

active造句并翻译如下:1、Having an active youngster about the house can be quite wearing. 家里有个好动的小孩会是相当累人的.2、I am an active member of the Conservative Party .我是保守党的积极分子.3、Companies need to take active

active 英[ktv] 美[ktv] adj. 积极的,活跃的,有生气的; 迅速的,敏捷的; 有效的,起作用的; n. [语法] 主动语态; 积极分子,活跃的人; [例句]Having an active youngster about the house can be quite wearing.家里有个好动的小孩会是相当累人的.

active She has taken an active part in all past contests. 她积极参加历次比赛. This Not a very active lesson, it seems. 似乎不是个很活跃的课.

He is always active in class.

fit:vt.& vi.(使)适合;安装;合身adj.合适的;恰当的;合身的n.合身;适合;配合active:adj.积极的,活跃的,有生气的;迅速的,敏捷的;有效的,起作用的n.[语法]主动语态;积极分子,活跃的人


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